Webster's "Dad" contacted me last week when he found that he did not have sufficient time to spend with this magnificent greenwing  macaw. Dad liked the set up of Parrot Haven, knowing that Webster would be living with a houseful of macaws, lounging in a spacious room, and allowed to play outside on a daily basis.  Dad didn't know if I would accept such a large bird and I spent a few minutes mulling it over.  I don't need another bird, but how could I turn down this friendly & lovable mush.  Dad wanted my husband, Dennis and I to keep this bird, so he is not up for adoption.  Dad signed a contract that if he changes his mind, he is free to take Webster back, though I would miss him terribly.  Parrot Haven has a policy that if an owner has placed a bird into the foster care program, that the bird can always be returned at any time. 

Update 6/3/02
Webster has bonded with Kehena, my scarlet. The two are inseparable. I can't imagine life without the two of them as they tumble all over the place, like two babies, wrestling with each other. It's great just to watch them play together.

Update 1/2/14
Can't believe it's been over 10 years.  Webster and Kehena are still a pair, and just as friendly as ever.  See how Kehena is guarding Webster?