HOMER:  A few days after Hurricane Sandy, I received a call from a frantic woman who was concerned that her son’s bird would freeze to death, after his home lost power.  Since the son was working, and the woman didn’t think she could handle the bird, I went to the home to retrieve Homer, an African grey, that the man had owned for 14 years, since Homer was a baby.  Homer is a beautiful bird and talks up a storm.  You can actually hold an intelligent conversation with Homer.  It’s amazing how vast his vocabulary is. 


It’s been a year and I guess Homer is a permanent resident. Eventually, I spoke to the son, who is busy repairing Sandy homes, as an electrician. I discussed relinquishment with him and sent him paperwork, but it was never returned.  So without this paperwork, I can never adopt out Homer. Not that I really want to. Even though he’s slightly cage bound, his vocabulary and hilarious antics make him such a wonderful addition to Parrot Haven.