The Parrot Fanciers’ Club, hereafter known as PFC is dedicated to the ethical treatment of psittacines in captivity, as well as to their preservation in the wild.   PFC'S purpose is to provide information & assistance to all parrot owners regarding proper nutrition, handling & routine maintenance of psittacines. PFC also intends to encourage the advancement of avian medical research, captive breeding programs & informational programs. Special consideration & effort will be made to assist injured, handicapped & unwanted parrots by providing veterinary & foster care. Until such a time that permanent arrangements (adoptions) can be made.


The Parrot Fanciers Club, Inc./DBA Parrot Haven is a tax exempt charitable organization as described in section
501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. 
EIN: 11-3458655

China's  leg was amputated after getting it  caught in the cage. He is a permanent resident at Parrot Haven. Thank you to

Dr. Heidi Hoefer


Island Exotic Veterinary Care

for donating her services to care for China. 

Baby- ​ Came in from Delaware in 2000, paralyzed after a fall. Baby attends all the Parrot Haven events and is well known within the community. 

Nikki- Came in 2000 after he'd been beaten with a spatula and had both of his legs broken. His legs never healed properly and has difficulty walking. Nikki also attends all events. 


PARROTHEADMy dad had to give me up when he had to have heart surgery. Dad felt very comfortable leaving me at PARROT HAVEN  with other macaws. Dad has open visitations rights and can visit at any time. 


Polly- has had a sad history. Two previous owners have passed away and now he is a permanent resident. He has cataracts and is blind. (Blood work has confirmed he is a male but he has retained his original name)


Baby & Buddy- Came to Parrot Haven in 2009 after their dad was diagnosed with Cancer.  

Not all birds are adoptable due to their disabilities and are permanent Parrot Haven residents. They need your continued support. Help us help them.


A LITTLE ABOUT our sanctuary

Parrot Haven, located in Lindenhurst, NY was created in July of 1999, as part of  the Rescue Operation of Parrot Fancier's Club

There are so many cases of injured and homeless parrots whose owners no longer want them. This may be due to a death in the family, birth, divorce, relocation, or simply that the owners lost interest. Many people purchase birds as an "impulse buy." What happens to these poor creatures? They didn't ask to be put in this situation of being farmed out from home to home.

​Many of them are in need of medical attention, food, shelter and most of all, love and a permanent home.

It is the Parrot Haven's policy that no bird will be turned away. There can be many costs associated with caring for all these birds. This would include lab and veterinary fees, cages, food, medical supplies, medication and toys, to name a few items. Monies are taken in through our events, annual picnic and raffles. 

With these funds, it is Parrot Haven's goal to be able to provide these birds with a "safe haven" in which to live until they can be adopted.

Once the birds become adoptable, they will be placed in suitable homes within the New York area.

A donation is expected when adopting any Parrot Haven bird since there are housing, food and medical costs involved with all the birds.



Please help us help them - 
Please send tax deductible donations to: 
Parrot Fanciers' Club/Parrot Haven 
P. O. Box 128 
Amityville, N. Y, 11701