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P.O. BOX 128

 AMITYVILLE, NY      11701

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The amount of the donation may vary, dependent upon if the cage is included, or feathering or personality of the bird.  If the bird has a vet bill or has been housed in Parrot Haven for a significant amount of time and has an attached maintenance bill, that that donation will be higher.  the donation is expected when the bird is picked up, whether it is directly from Parrot Haven or if a bird is picked up through a referral.  Lack of submitting a donation is considered unethical and the adopted bird will be subject to be returned to Parrot Haven.  All referrals are given to each member and you are entrusted to submit your donation as agreed upon.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

PFC assumes no responsibility for the condition of the intended adoptees.  PFC will do its best to make the transition of all adoptees easy on all parties, by providing guidance and counseling.  Once a parrot has been entered into the program, PFC will contact the potential new owner and introduce the involved parties, who will initiate contact with each other.  Potential parents must remember that giving up a bird can be a traumatic experience for the owner who may have given up the bird for various reasons, such as the loss of a spouse, divorce or relocation. the adoptor must be sensitive to the donors needs.


general adoption information

​Thank you for your interest in our adoption program.  For many reasons, all adopters must be members of the Parrot Fanciers Club.  The majority of those giving up birds want to know that there has been some type of screening.  They want to feel comfortable knowing that PFC, at the very least, knows the member and that their beloved parrot will be going to a home that someone in the club is familiar with.  Attending a meeting or a club function is one way of introducing yourself to the adoption committee.  When a bird is placed, the donor would like to know that we know you personally and can vouch for your sincerity.  Even if one is unable to attend meetings, you will at the very least, receive email updates with some sort of educational material and also be more prone to contact the Parrot  Hotline @ 631-956-0015 if a problem arises.  In all fairness, members in good standing deserve priority to be given the chance to adopt a bird, over a non-member, though not all birds are adopted in numerical order.  Since circumstances vary, some birds may have to go to a home, with or without children, or other pets or there might be a bird that prefers men or woman.  PFC tries its' best to match a bird to the owner.

PFC does not ship out of state, but if you are interested, once a bird is selected, you can drive to Long Island to pick up your bird or make alternate arrangements.  Some embers have relatives or friends in other states and might be willing to transport birds on occasion, if their business takes them to a particular state.  When this happens, some compensation is expected for the transporter.

​If you're still interested, please fill out a membership application.


parrot adoption program

PFC wants you and your parrot to have a fulfilling life together.  All adoptors must be a member of PFC for a minimum of two months.  PFC maintains this requirement so that the novice will have time to learn how to properly care for the new adoptee, by way of obtaining  information from the ParrotClubs. Com site or by attending meetings and gaining knowledge from other members.  Any member may also call the Parrot Hotline, 24 hours a day with any questions that may arise during the course of caring for the new parrot in your life.  All parrots must be returned to PFC, if for any reason, the placement is not successful.  Those giving up their bird have put their trust in PFC, who feels a grave responsibility to maintain a healthy and loving environment  for all parrots placed in the program, who must not be sold, traded or given away.

A no-refundable application fee of $8.00 is required upon filing this adoption application.  this fee helps cover printing, postage and filing costs.  A donation is expected once the adoption is finalized.  These funds will enable PFC to assist all injured, ill and homeless parrots by way of providing medical care, food and housing to any and all parrots that may require assistance.  No parrot will ever be turned away from Parrot Haven or the adoption program.


PARAKEET, FINCH                                                                                           $5.00-$10.00

COCKATIELS, LOVEBIRD, PARROTLET                                                        $20.00-$50.00

CONURE, SENEGAL, QUAKER, RINGNECK, MEYERS                                 $40.00-$100.00

AMAZON, ECLECTUS, AFRICAN GREY, MINI-MACAW                                 $100-$150.00     

COCKATOO,MACAW                                                                                        $200.00-$350.00  



To all prospective adoptive parents,

Attached are the required forms needed to facilitate the adoption process.  Submit the nonrefundable $10.00 application fee, along with your $15.00 membership application fee, if you are not already a member.  You may submit payment and application to the

Parrot Adoption Program

P. O. Box 128

Amityville, NY 11701

by check, money order or using the Pay Pal address of​  Retain the donor for, which is to be completed at the time of adoption.

There are a variety of situations that adoptors may encounter.  The donor may want to inspect your home..  You might be asked to pick up the bird as quickly as possible. The bird may need to be placed in a home with or without other birds, pets or children.  The final decision is between the adoptor and donor.  PFC just introduces the two parties.  The adoptor must remember, that it can be extremely difficult to give up a bird, due to a death in the family, relocation or illness.  The adoptor must be sensitive to the donors' circumstances.  You must not think of an adoption as an inexpensive way to obtain a bird, but that you will be providing a loving, nuturing home to a bird that may have part of the donors' home fro many years.  This process can be very painful. PFC asks that  all adoptors show consideration to the donor.

You may leave a message on the Parrot Hotline @ 631-956-0015 or email for more information.  Birds are not always placed on a first come, first serve basis.  There are many applicants, but each applicant may have different needs and requirements, so that someone myay adopt a bird sooner than a person whose application has already been on file.  You may always call to find out your current status or if you wish to edit your application.

PFC reserves the right to make an unscheduled, post adoption visit, reserving the right to remove said bird, if conditions are suspect.  This visit may occur within 6 months of the adoption, before being finalized.


parrot donor form

1.  Species of parrot for adoption:____________________________________________

2.  What is the parrots name?_______________________________________________

3.  How long has the bird been in your possession?_____________________________

4.  How old is the bird? Best guestimate:  ___________________

5.  Was the parrot endoscopically or DNA sexed?_______________  Certificate available?______________

6.  Who is the parrots avian vet?  Name:_____________________________________________Phone#_______________________



​7.  Does the parrot have any specific lifestyle  requirements?_______________________________________________________

​8.  Are there any other birds or animals in the house?  If so, please list_______________________________________________

9.  Is the parrot on any medications?  ___________________________________________________________________________

10. Is a cage, perch, toys or food included when adopting out the bird?______________________________________________


11.  Does the parrot have any specific food requirements? ________________________________________________________


12.  Does the parrot prefer men or women?  ____________________________________________________________________

13.  Does the parrot like children?  _______________  Any particular age preference?  ________________________________

14.  Would you like visitation  or any other contact with the parrot?  ___________


       If so, to what degree?  Phone Calls:__________  Email: ___________________________Visitation: _______Photos:______

15.  Does the bird scream?  _______________  If so, at what intervals?______________________________________________

16.  Why are you placing this parrot?  __________________________________________________________________________

17.  Does the parrots cage require covering?  _______________If so, at what time?____________________________

18.  What is the parrots bedtime?  _________________________

19.  In your opinion, should the bird be placed in a home?  _______________  or a breeding environment?_____________

20.  How many homes has the bird has and why?  __________________________________________________________________________


DONOR/CO-OWNERS SIGNATURE:  _______________________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS:  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

PHONE #  __________________________________________     DATE:  ______________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS:  __________________________________________________________________________________