Timmy & Nikki are being fostered in the Parrot Haven. Their "Mom" placed them temporarily until she is able to care for them again. These birds were rescued by "Mom." Nikki has a deformed foot, as a result of a beating at the hands of her former owner. She has difficulty perching, but loves hanging out in the corner of her cage & sleeps on her special food dish. She sounds so cute when she clears her throat. Timmy had originally been rescued from a home where he was used as a bowling ball. He is afraid of hands, but loves to be hugged. Both birds came in separate cages, but since their arrival in Parrot Haven, enjoy hanging out together. Both are proficient talkers and great eaters. These birds are not for adoption.

Update 6/3/02
Timmy & Nikki continue to thrive, eating voraciously. I have never seen such small birds eat so much. Timmy remains shy while Nikki loves hanging out, being very verbal. They've even taken to hanging out with Kayla, my timneh. Such a pleasant group of birds, sharing one cage.

UPDATE:  2/4/14
Timmy found a loving home a few years ago.  Nikki still resides at Parrot Haven.  She has made her home in a wagon, which is more suitable for her disability, since she no longer has to do any climbing. Her legs never healed properly.  She resides in the dining room where she is the center of attention.  She also attends all club functions,, including the annual picnic, various street fairs and the Paumanauke Pow wow.  She's been one of the poster birds for Parrot Haven since 2000.

Timmy & Nikki