For over 18 years, Lillian & her son, Glenn, owned and cared for their four parrots, 3 of which were bought as babies, from Marc of "Parrots of the World." Two were macaws: Boobie, a scarlet, & Baby, a blue & gold. The other two were Nanday conures, Sam & Samantha. Glenn raised Samantha from the minute she hatched from her shell. These were Glenn's children. He loved and cared for them and he misses them very much. Glenn & Baby performed many tricks together. Baby would tell Glenn that she loved him by shooting her wings out and putting her head in his hands. When Glenn sang 'Baby Face' to her, she would rock back and forth, dancing. When Boobie came down with a case of lead poisoning, from ingesting a lead curtain weight, a devastated Glenn, in tears, rushed her to the hospital, where she was hospitalized for 29 days, until she was able to return home. Unfortunately, the effects of the poison left Boobie paralyzed. But Glenn was thankful, that she was spared. Keeping her warm, in a box, since she couldn't perch, he placed her food and water cups near so that she would have everything she needed within reach, & carefully hand fed her every day.

Due to unfortunate circumstance, Glenn was away from home for two weeks. On August 17, 1999, his mother, Lillian, called Marc, who agreed to board & care for the birds until Glenn returned home. Lillian is legally blind, at 78 years of age. Lillian contacted Karen of Mr. Kibbles to transport the birds to Marc's store, for a fee of $50.00. Lillian says Karen told her that she needed another carrier, and called the Long Island Parrot Society. Lillian states that "2 heavy set women from the Long Island Parrot Society" entered her home without her permission. Then taking advantage of Lillian's visual impairment, the three woman walked out of the house, while Lillian and her daughter were in the dining room, not leaving their names or phone numbers. They did leave the impression that they were taking the birds to Marc's. However, Marc later informed her that evening that the birds had never arrived! Lillian says that she phoned LIPS that night & spoke to a woman claiming to be the head of "Parrot Rescue" (AT THE TIME THAT THIS ARTICLE WAS WRITTEN "PARROT RESCUE" WAS A PART OF LIPS. AS OF OCTOBER 2000, "PARROT RESCUE" IS A SEPARATE CORPORATION AND NONE OF THOSE INVOLVED WITH THE THEFT ARE CURRENTLY INVOLVED WITH THE NEW "PARROT RESCUE." AFTER 4 YEARS, GLENN'S BIRDS ARE STILL MISSING AND LIPS WILL STILL NOT GIVE GLENN ANY INFO ABOUT HIS MISSING BIRDS, DESPITE SEVERAL REQUESTS FROM THE DETECTIVE INVOLVED IN THE CASE.) who told Lillian that it was a mistake & the birds would be taken to Marc in the morning. Now 17 months later, Marc has still not received those parrots. Lillian and Glenn feel that the birds have been kidnapped.

In a LIPS newsletter, it was stated that Boobie's back was broken in three places. That Glenn had beat Boobie and his mother. Where does LIPS get this information? Lillian and Glenn want everyone to know that according to the board certified vet who examined Boobie, that THE BIRD'S BACK WAS NEVER BROKEN. THERE IS ALSO DOCUMENTATION THAT BOOBIE HAD HIGH LEVELS OF LEAD IN HER SYSTEM.

Glenn & Lillian are extremely upset that LIPS displayed a large photo of Boobie at their meeting and at the Nassau Coliseum Pet Expo. LIPS is still collecting funds for this bird, claiming that the bird's back was broken and playing on public sympathy, and collecting hundreds of dollars for this lie. LIPS insist that they no longer know the whereabouts of any of the 4 birds. With such a strict adoption policy Glenn wonders how this could be possible. There have been reports from the DA's office, that one of the birds was adopted out of state. Glenn wonders 'How could they not know where my birds are?' Glenn & Lillian wonder if they should sue for mental anguish that LIPS has caused them, besides entering a replevin action for the return of their property.

When Lillian & Glenn were at small claims court on August 8, 2000, the large group of people from LIPS were not only rude, they openly laughed at Lillian due to her visual impairment, when she tripped in the courtroom. One of the members of the LIPS Board of Directors told Glen that he would never see his birds again. Glen has been tried and convicted without a trial or opportunity to speak with his accusers, since over 100 calls to LIPS have never been returned. This case was withdrawn from small claims court since you can only win monetary damages from this court. The judge told Glenn, that he could withdraw from this courtroom and renter his case in the Supreme Court. Lillian is a very determined woman and feels it is her responsibility to get Glenn's birds back for him. Glenn & Lillian have a lot of friends who are assisting her with this case. It would probably be a lot smarter for the people who have the birds to anonymously bring them to her friends' Lisa's house or to Marc's, the birds' original intended destination.

Heartbroken, and severely depressed, Glenn told this interviewer that he has trouble sleeping at night, wondering where his birds are or "ARE THEY STILL ALIVE?" This situation is having a very negative effect on his life. It sickens him to think that his babies were traumatized after being kidnapped from their home, and evidently separated from each other after up to 18 years of being together, and then USED to raise money under FALSE PRETENSES.

It has been almost a year and a half. How can a tremendous organization as big as LIPS not know where these birds are? Glenn had always heard that LIPS was a very reputable organization. Unfortunately, he has learned too late, that his birds were not the only one taken under similar circumstances.