StainSafe My Mexican Red Head Squigmund who I had for 16 years died April 4th of this year & I am heartbroken. He died needlessly. I purchased a sofa from Hansens furniture store and the sofa was treated with a fabric protector called STAINSAFE.


I was told that stainsafe was harmless and would not hurt my parrot. 36 hours later Squigmund died. On the second day that I had the couch Squigmund had labored breathing so I rushed him to his avian vet that morning. He died at the vets 4 hours later.


The vet did an autopsey (I know it is called something else on birds). She said that he had leisons on his lungs and that he was exposed to something toxic. At that time I still did not have it figured out what could of killed him since I was very careful not to expose my Squigmund to toxins. We agreed to send his tissues to a bird pathologist in sacremento who could identify why he died. It was confirmed that my Belived Squigmund died from Inhalation Toxicity do to the fabric protector Stainsafe.


I do not want any bird to suffer a horrific death like my Squigmnd did. I have since hired an animal rights lawyer in San Frnacisco to sue stainsafe and the furniture store and I want as part of the settlement to have a warning label put on stainsafe that this is a toxic product that will kill your bird.