I received an email from a friend who knew someone that had to place a bird, but was hesitant to stop by, not quite knowing how to proceed with the placement process. I call "Dad" and had a nice conversation. Having a new baby in the house, Dad realized he did not have the appropriate time to give "Sam", a blue crowned conure, the time he deserved. Sam was a little too vocal during the baby's nap time. Sam is sitting on my shoulder, as I type. He's a playful guy, loves pea soup and drinking soda from a cup. Dad says he talks a lot, but I haven't heard a peep out of him yet. Does anyone out there want to give Sam a good home?

Update 6/3/02
Sam was adopted with 24 hours. This little guy is such a sweetie and I can understand why he was taken so quickly. All is well in his new home.