Ruby is 12 years old and was a resident for just a few days. Ruby's owners did
not have the time to spend with her anymore. Ruby has cataracts and has
minimal sight. Our adoption chairperson drove out to the other end of Long
Island to pick up Ruby and place her in the Parrot Haven.
Meanwhile, one of our members, who has multiple cockatiels, had agreed to
take in Ruby. It didn't matter to her that Ruby is legally blind. She accepted her,
sight unseen.

I had a chance to work with Ruby a few days before her placement. She is
adorable and huggable.

Ruby met her new Mom at the Parrot Fanciers' Club monthly meeting and it was love at first sight. Ruby hung out on Mom's shoulder all night, loving all the attention that she was receiving. I want to thank "Mom" for giving Ruby such a wonderful home.