I had taken the day off from work around the Parrot Haven and went to show off my
new scarlet baby, Kehena, at King's Cages. I was taking some pictures and talking
with Steph and Colleenann, when I received a call. Can't hide from anyone. It seems
 that a macaw had been attacked by a raccoon and had a cut on its' legs. Could I
take it in? I didn't know the severity of the wound, but figured that I could squeeze a
place in for a macaw. I also found out that I was getting a blue front amazon. I asked
the caller to please pick up the bird, but to take him to the vet first. Dr. Robert Monaco
of Old Country Animal Clinic had agreed to look at the bird, giving us a discount,
since it was going to be a Parrot Haven bird. Barbara, co administrator of the Parrot
Haven & John, the PFC adoption co-chair, came over, but with just Pepe, a beautiful
blue front. He had been a resident, along with the macaw and two keels for the past
three years, at a local nursery. A raccoon had invaded the place and eaten the two keets.
All that was left was feathers. The macaws legs were not only wounded, but were half chewed off. John could smell the stench of gangrene as he entered the cage area. It was a horrific site. As I write this, the macaw is at the hospital, If he does survive, he will most likely be a double amputee, needing a lot of intensive care. Pepe luckily survived any harm,but he does have a sinus infection, which is currently being treated. He was fully flighted, but wings & nails wereimmediately clipped and a culture of the cloaca was taken. Then I looked at his nostrils, which were sealed up. I cleaned them out with a q-tip and toothpick. It was
like taking care of a child with a runny nose. Pepe was pretty good considering the
invasive procedures performed on him. I have started him on an antibiotic until I get
the C & S results back. Hopefully, what I am giving him will be the proper medication,
but I didn't want to wait to start treatment. Pepe weighed in at 465 grams, a good
size considering he was only fed sporadically at the nursery. He dove right into a
bowl of blueberries and cheese. He had been starving. If you have the love to give
this rescue bird a loving home, please contact the Parrot Haven.

Update 09-16-01
Pepe was adopted by Mary Ann & Don. He has come out of his she
ll and is so friendly, talking up a storm. He was at PFC's last meeting and looks great.

Update 06/03/02
‚ÄčMary Ann continues to bring Pepe to the meetings. He remains a gorgeous bird and is very happy in his new home.