Paco's Story

by Mainely Greys

Paco is a 12 yr old wildcaught B&G macaw new to us. he came by way of a man in Massechusetts who found him in a bird breeders cellar in a small cage, stooped over, feathers black with dirt on the bottom of his cage. One foot badly mangled beyond recognition, broken and unset it had turned into a ball of bones and scare tissue..his other foot very weak from years of supporting his body on 1 leg. From here the story is sketchy but we were told he was -like most untame birds, raised to be a breeder...bought, bartered over, traded..given away..beaten, starved and at some point after at least 7 or so "owners" he ended up in a pet store where he remained for 4 years being poked, prodded, teased and as usual uncared for and unloved.

He was then traded once again for other birds and ended up in the cellar of a breeders home where his human angel found him. Seeing the bird so miserable he offered the breeder 6 smaller birds in trade for Paco and took him home, fed him, bathed him in the tub while Paco screamed..dried him off and gave him his first taste of healthy food, quiet and human kindness for 4 days.

In an effort to find Paco the peace he so well deserved(because Pacos human angel worked long hours) this man called us looking for somewhere a bird like Paco could reside for the rest of his natural life (and we all know he will outlive us here). We arranged to pickup Paco from Mass. and we all met half way...Paco was carsick but perservered, we brought Paco home on 3/2, had him vetted (see our site) and quietly let him settle in.

Paco is emotionaly withdrawn, doesnt preen, play or speak or make a tiny macaw sound. Because of his foot disabilities he cannot sit like other birds but lays on his front, if he wants to move it is painfull for him and he pulls himself slowly with his beak, but not far. He was seen by an avian vet in Massechusetts who has said he can restore Pacos feet, but to the tune of several, near one thousand dollars.

Needless to say we are saving our pennies in hopes we can end his suffering finally. It chokes me up to see such a gallant bird crouched ontop of a cage, listless when he should be up yelling and flapping, enjoying whats left of his life like other macaws. Paco is a poster child for neglect and abused birds all over in our mind*..just look at him:

In answer to inquiries we've had on donations on Paco's behalf please mail or call all donations to:

Dr. Linda K. Mulski, Dr. Thomas Niedermeyer 
Animal Hospital of South Gorham 
47 County rd 
Gorham, ME. 04038 
207-839-8158 fax: 207-839-3685 
Deb & John Young/Paco 
xxxxoooo thanks