the Moluccan

6/20/2000* Mo had been owned by his previous owner for 9 years. He has been a plucker for the past 3 years. While he is naked in the front, his back plumage, wings and tail are in perfect condition. within 5 minutes of entering Parrot Haven, Mo was giving kisses & hugs, and saying, "I Love You", "Hello", and "Come Here, Mo." What a pleasant personality, though his voice can get rather loud. If you have a good heart and wish to give Mo a permanent home, please contact the Parrot Haven.

Update 09-16-01
Mo was adopted by a member who owns several other birds. I recently saw Mo at a meeting and at the picnic. He looks great. Still naked somewhat, but you can tell that he's doing very well. Thank you Barbara for giving Mo such a good home.