Lovebird Family

Parrot Haven received a call last week concerning six lovebirds who needed homes. It seems a realtor was showing a house. The owner had started off with a pair of lovebirds, which quickly grew to a family of six. The owner was going to throw the birds out the window since she would soon be locating and did not want to deal with the mess. The realtor bought the birds home, bought two beautiful cages and donated them to the Parrot Haven. Thank God for people like that.

The parents were separated since Mom was chewing up Dad's back.
The 18 month old was adopted by one of our members. There are still
three babies that were born in December that need to be placed, along
with the parents. For now, they are living a life of leisure in these
beautiful cages. They love the Roudybush pellets and millet. They are
friendly but skittish. I know I will have no trouble placing these beautiful
fluffs of feathers.

Update 6/3/02
‚ÄčAll these beauties have been placed. I even baby sat for one of the babies, who fell in love with another resident lovebird. I offered the new bird to Mom, since it seemed cruel to separate them and they just became parents. Their new Mommy is so happy to have her own little family.