- Directory of parrot related sites, businesses, and services.

Parrot Haven - A shelter for unwanted or lost parrots while we try to find their owners or find them a new home. This is a service of the PFC.

Bird Cages Now - Strictly the top brand names in parrot cages. - For all things bird-related, visit

Kings Cages - For the very best in cages. A large selection of cages, stands, perches, toys, and other cage accessories.

Birds n Ways - Complete guide to exotic birds across the Net. Birds, classifieds, products, associations, articles, chats, searchable databases and loads of links.

Birds Nest Toys - Large variety of toys for our feathered friends.

Bird Hotline - Postings about lost birds, find a rescued bird, bird health and safety tips.

Central Jersey Bird Club - Local club serving central NJ. Newsletter, events, articles, etc Real Macaw Parrot Club - Local Paramus, NJ club for all species. Newsletter, events, breeding consortium, NJ regs, etc

Winged Wisdom Magazine - Online monthly magazine devoted to pet bird care and breeding.

Society of Parrot Breeders and Exhibitors - Information and education for breeders and parrot lovers who want to show their birds. SPBE also has a Parrot Chat facility -- talk to other parrot owners and breeders.

The Dog Project - Long Island organization in Port Washington dedicated to the adoption of pet dogs. Lots of pet information.

and Feathers Bird Studio - Specialize in premium quality foods for pet birds and we have an online shopping service

Kaytee - Bird and small animal feed.

Feather Fantasy - Feather Fantasy is a family owned business. Because of our 15 years of breeding parrots, we have become very knowledgeable in the needs and care of breeding birds, baby birds, and of course pet birds. We are happy to share our knowledge in helping you select the right products to best suit your needs.

Finch Niche - Lots of finch and small bird supplies as well as a wealth of informational articles.

123 Greetings - E-Greeding cards for every occation.

AraProject - Araproject is dedicated to the miracle macaws that have been ranging free in the Netherlands for over 25 years. Toos and Nape, as we have named these parrots, allow us, and you, a closer look into the lives of wild macaws. Both are representatives of the endangered Mezzo-American subspecies of Scarlet macaw (Ara macao cyanoptera). - We have recently partnered with a travel agency. Their pricing is excellent so it's time to start thinking about planning your summer vacation or your next business trip! Go to, click on the ?Donations? tab, then select the link to our organization. This will take you directly to our sponsoring agent with Ultimate Choice Travel. Any travel you purchase will SAVE YOU money AND generate a donation to The Parrot Haven! Thanks for your support! - Bird Resources Links page

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