BENNY: One day after work, I was driving down Central Avenue in Hicksville,  an extremely busy 4 lane road, when I saw this tiny kitten, approximately 4-5 weeks old, running under the cars, that were traveling at high speeds. How he never got hit was a miracle. I turned my car around, stopped traffic, put on my hazard lights and scooped up the kitten. He was in shock and just sat on my lap.  As I was driving home, I dug into my lunch bag and took out a piece of chicken and gave it to the kitten, who devoured it immediately.  Who knows how long it had been since he had eaten? Once I got home, he was given a bath by Renata, and Patrick, a few of my volunteers.  The poor thing was so filthy and scared. Dennis and I blow dried him, then put him in the bathtub to rest for the night.  I lined the tub up with newspaper, since I didn’t have any kitty litter and box. I gave him a bowl of food and water and the kitten crashed for the night.  Over the next few days, Kitty graduated to the litter box, which we now kept in the living room, amidst the bird cages.  He made his home under the coffee table, running across the floor and was so playful.  He would climb up on the couch and sit with China, the Raven and the kookaburras. After a week or so, Kitty was adopted by the daughter of a co-worker, Sunday.  He now is in a loving home in upstate NY and has been renamed Benny. He’s had his vet visits and shots and is the king of his castle.  I’m so glad he ended up in such a loving home after his  tumultuous start.  Dennis and I hated to give him up, but we couldn't take the chance of mixing cats and birds.