KIKI: I received a call from a gentleman named Tony,  who informed me that he had rescued a bird  from his roof. After some research, he determined the bird to be a pineapple conure, a type that I hadn’t known to exist.  He was happy to have captured the parrot but did not want to keep her.  I told Tony that I’d be happy to hold the bird until the owner could be found.  I told him to put the bird in a box or bag, but he improvsed and put the bird in a chicken container. How appropriate.  I placed her in a cage in my office.  This bird was so affectionate that I had to peel her off my hand, like velcro, to put her in the cage.  She loved spending hours each night on my shoulder as I worked on the computer.  In the meantime, I had placed ads on Craigslist, ParrotAlert911 and other various lost bird sites.  Tony had also put out some feelers, and was put in touch with a young man who had lost his pineapple conure, who coincidently had lost a bird with the same bands letters but the numbers were different.  In the meantime, Kiki’s owners had placed posters in the neighborhood. Tony eventually called Maria,Kiki’s owner and told her that I might have the bird.  Once Maria read  the birds’ band number, I knew I had the owner.  Maria and her husband were reunited with their bird, who was named Kiki. It was a happy reunion. You could see that the bird missed his Mommy.  Seems Kiki had flown out the door, while on Dad’s shoulder.  One of the first things I do when I take in a bird, is clip the wings, so Kiki doesn’t have to worry about that issue for a while. Mom called me this morning.  She had offered a reward to Tony, who in turn suggested that Mom make a donation to Parrot Haven.  All donations are tax deductibile and  are much appreciated to keep Parrot Haven running so that we can continue to take in birds in need.