JUDE:  Jude came to Parrot Haven after Hurricane Sandy, when power went out for 2 weeks in his Hicksville home.   So Jude moved in with his Dad until power came back on about 2 weeks later. It was great having live in help who helped me take care of the PH residents.  Jude is a great bird who hung out on a stand, the dining room table, in the kitchen. Wherever, there was space.  And having Dad over was good for Dennis, who had his friend Bradley, helping him doing repairs around the house.  Parrot Haven was only out of power for a few hours. We had hot water, since we used gas to heat the house.  We had a wood burning stove, so the place was warm and toasty.  And we had a generator to use for the few hours that we were without electricity.  So Parrot Haven survived nicely and it was nice to have a safe place for the birds to turn to in time of need.