JR & Pritchie

I received a call last week from a gentleman who had to place two moluccans, because his daughter was allergic to their powder. JR & Pritchie are both 6 yrs. old. JR was born with only one foot.

Both birds are complete mushes and completely snugable. One of the members had expressed an interest in any of the larger birds and immediately said she'd take both. The handicap didn't matter. Thank God for people like Krissy. In the meantime, my moluccan, Fred fell in love instantly, with Pritchie, but it wasn't meant to be. JR spent his short time with us, cuddled in a ball on the couch. Krissy's husband is also named JR. I think it was fate that the 4 of them got together. It is such a pleasure to have placed these two with such a lovely couple.

Update: 6/3/02
Krissy is so in love with these two. Jr has especially adapted to her and gets along wonderfully considering his physical handicap. This was a match made in heaven.