Cheyanna is a surrender/rescue. Her Mom loves her very much, but was in the process of a stressful divorce. “Dad’ hated “Mom” so much that he would let Cheyanna out of her cage in the hopes that his 3 cats would kill her. What a twisted man. Cheyanna does not like men and is a slight feather plucker. She loves to rip boxes apart and has a slight vocabulary. She shows affection by pecking at your hand, in a nonagressive manner. She is hand tamed and loves to hand upside down while on your hand.

Update 6/3/02

Cheyanna finally found the perfect home with parents from out of state. Carol spent many months interviewing potential owners until she was able to find someone that Cheyanna bonded with. Part of being responsible is finding just the right home for each bird, not giving one up to the first taker. These birds represent a lifetime commitment and the PFC adoption committee takes its job seriously.