Imagine the surprise Dennis and I received when we opened up 2 boxes that were left on our porch.  Each box was stuffed with a large beautiful cat. There was no note and no funds to help care for them.  Running Parrot Haven can be quite expensive, caring for 50 birds at any given time so it was especially overwhelming to have another expense, along with the time it took to care and clean up after the cats. I run a parrot sanctuary, not a house that can accommodate cats, but I wasn’t about to throw them into the night.  Dennis purchased a litter box, litter and cat food.  I kept the cats locked in my office since I couldn’t take a chance of them chasing the birds.  I set up towels on the desks, since the cats loved to rest there while looking out the windows.  They were both so affectionate and it bothered me to keep them locked up, since they cried each night and stuck their paws under the doorway, trying to attract attention.  After 2 weeks, Dennis found them separate homes.  A place where they can have the run of the house and not be locked up.