3 Blue & Gold Macaws

These 3 beautiful and friendly blue & gold macaws came into Parrot Haven a few weeks ago, when their Mom needed a place for them to stay. Originally, she was selling the trio and wanted them to remain together. I realized that she really didn't want to part with them, but she was unable to keep them at this time, so I offered to house them until Mom's situation improves. Their names are being kept anonymous to protect the identity of their Mom who misses and loves them very much. They are wonderful birds who get along very nicely with my macaws. I've had offers from members who would house them separately, but I can see how attached they are and it would not be in their best interest to split them up.

Update 6/3/02
I was talking with a member and jokingly asked her if she'd like to foster these 3 and got an astounding yes. So with the owner's permission, and realizing that the owner might eventually take them back, Krissy & JR agreed to open their home to these lovable birds. They are so loved and Krissy is so happy to have these guys in her new bird family.