Poor Beezer. He is a 35 y/o blue fronted amazon in need of a new home. His first
25 years were as a breeder, but was put into a new home when he was attacked
by his mate. One eye is sealed shut (possibly not there) and the other has some
sight. He gets around fine, and he has been wonderful company for a house-
bound lady. She has placed him for adoption because she is afraid for his future
when she is no longer here. Her health is deteriorating . She used to
let him out of his cage, but recently has become too ill to let him out. He misses
her, and she him. She said he was great company and his talking gave her such
laughs. She would like to know that he has a new home, where he will be loved &
cared for. He is currently a resident at Parrot Haven.

Update 11-26-00
Beezer, the blind amazon has also joined this household. Anthony spends lots of time making this handicapped bird feel at home.
Update 05-15-01
Beezer was recently returned to the Parrot Haven when his owner had to move upstate. Beezer remains in excellent condition, but should be adopted to a home that is not too "busy." He can get jumpy, but feels secure in his cage, with his perch placed directly in front of his dishes.

Update 09-16-01
Beezer recently required surgery due to a problem with his beak. Beezer survived the surgery, but it was discovered that he had a heart problem and dies about a week after surgery. He was a beautiful bird and I will remember him with great fondness. Many thanks to Dr. Heidi Hoefer, one of the Parrot Haven vets, for giving such great care to Beezer.