Parrot Haven was so pleased to add its newest temporary residents, 3 adorable timnehs, WHICH ARE NOT FOR ADOPTION. The owner placed these babies in the Parrot Haven when assistance was needed with the handfeedings. Since I breed timnehs, I knew that I and my husband, Dennis and my assistant, Wayne wouldn't have any problem caring for these feathered bundles of joy. These birds will remain in my care for just a few weeks, but it is my pleasure to have the opportunity to help them grow into fledglings. Currently the babies are 6 weeks old and are on between 4-5 feedings of 40 CC's each, of Pretty Bird handfeeding formula. They are housed in an incubator set at 80 degrees.

So far they are not interested in any types of solids, but do play around with cheerios. It is so cute to see them hobbling around. Their owners came for a visit today and spent time handfeeding them under a watchful eye. It's not as easy as it seems when the babies start spitting out their formula. The temp for the feeding is kept at 105 degrees. Too hot can burn a crop. Too cold can cause stasis. Again, it is stressed, if you aren't properly trained, then do not assume this responsibility. Two of the babies are available for sale. if interested contact The Bay or It is not advisable for those not experienced to buy an unweaned baby but you can be the proud owner of one of these beautiful babies when they are eating on their own.

Update 09-16-01
These babies were eventually given to a pet store on consignment and sold, by the owner. It was difficult to give them up and I hope they went to good homes. There is so much work, but so much joy involved with handfeeding and one becomes easily attached.
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Baby Greys