Ali is a 6 year old yellow naped amazon. Her family had to give her up because they were not able to control an adult amazon, and had recently had a new baby. Ali talks, and would do well with

               1) as an only bird or perhaps just one or two others; and

               2) with someone who knows how to handle the feisty personality of an amazon.

She's in beautiful feather, does not scream, but does do morning and evening "calls". Loves music and absolutely ADORES her showers.

Update 11-26-00
Ali was adopted by a nurse who travels frequently between NY & Virginia. Mary spent much time visiting with Ali before taking her home. Ali still nips a little, but she has a dedicated Mom who is more than willing to work with her.

Update 09-16-01
Ali has been with Mary for a year now. Ali has shown tremendous improvement and no longer bites. Mary has spent a lot of time and patience working with Ali and has succeded in making a great pet of Ali. She was such a biter that I never thought she could turn out so friendly. Ali will soon be joined by 2 friends, Bogart & Godzilla. Ali is shown with a Luna, a friend that she met at the meeting.

Update 6/3/02
Ali continues to attend a lot of the PFC events. She has become so friendly under Mary's care as she makes frequent trips her summer home in Virginia. What a transformation. She travels in the front seat, belted in her travel cage. She really enjoys her time on the road, basking in all the attention.

Update 2014
Mary passed away after moving permanently to Virginia.  Ali was adopted by a relative.

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