On July 10 a call came in on the Parrot Hotline concerning cockatiel parents that had two babies, but refused to feed the runt of the litter, who is also splay legged. "Mom" called, very concerned and requesting assistance. Mom hadn't a clue how to hand feed, did not know what the proper temperature should be and was feeding the baby only 2-3 cc's, 3 times a day. The baby was very underweight. Mom wanted to know if someone could help her, knowing she was way in over her head. Several members of the club are experienced hand feeders, including myself. I was expecting 6 birds in the next day, so if at all possible, I did not want to take on a baby at this time. I promised Mom that one of us would take the baby. Mom bought the 2 week old baby over to Carol's, the PFC VP, that evening. Carol expertly took on the chore of handfeeding every 2-3 hours, 15-20 cc's at a time. Carol named the baby Skeeter. Skeeter goes to work with Carol almost everyday and when she can't watch Skeeter, Diana, the PFC Prez takes over. Mom has decided to place Skeeter and one of Carol's coworkers will be adopting Skeeter. Skeeter is almost fully feathered and is so sweet. Skeeter had her first wing clip after she started flying around the house. Thanks Carol, for coming to the rescue.