Luna has been in and out of foster homes for over a year. Luna
has the unpredictable amazon mood swings. Luna's owner
always thought she was a female. She is so beautiful. In
perfect feather. After severely biting two of her last "foster
parents." Luna was placed in Parrot Haven with the
recommendation that she be placed in a breeding program.
One of our members wanted to take Luna, but only as a
companion for his amazon, with no breeding intent in mind,
but feeling that his male would not get along with another male.
Luna was sexed. Lo and behold, Luna is a male. I was going
to foster Luna with a behaviorist and bought him to the
September meeting. One of our board members, Sophie,
reminded me that she has wanted Luna for the past year and took him home. I had completely forgotten Sophie's request but was more than happy to place Luna with Sophie. (Just a reminder of the importance of filing your adoption applications with Rey. There are so many members and so many birds, that it is requested to please keep current with PFC , in case your circumstances have changed or you have another species of adoption in mind.) Luna's repeatedly says "Hello, Loon," so Sophie has appropriately renamed him Looney.

Update 6/3/02
Sophie is doing wonders with Luna, who has adjusted well to her new situation. Once Sophie takes a bird, it has a permanent home with members of her flock.