Eucalyptus=Health for All
(The edible perch)


Mr. Bird taught me many valuable lessons in the early ninety's. The first was appearances can be deceiving, because he was a female. Another was that she was extremely bright and I could learn from her. She taught me that eucalyptus globulus was good for birds.


I used a branch of eucalyptus for her perch and was amazed to see over three feet of eucalyptus branch, chewed to six inches in less than two weeks. The over one inch thick branch was not found as sawdust on the floor. Something in this branch was necessary to her diet.


An acquaintance told me her peach faced love birds were not as energetic as usual. I suggested she hang eucalyptus leaves in their cage. She did. The next morning the birds were excitedly, back to the norm. Remnants of leaves were on the floor of the cage. My vision to bring this product to market, began.


Hearing about the horrendous events Barbara Gould was experiencing with her parrot farm in Mendocino County, California I called her to encourage her to continue her efforts. I have been a resident for over thirty years and know the county well. Recounting my experience with eucalyptus, she informed me that she uses eucalyptus to benefit her birds, babies and parents.


I studied the chemical makeup of eucalyptus and the needs of our feathered friends. This made me more determined to share with people responsible for exotics. The benefits are too many to list. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other substances are created in a plant with antihistamine, antibacterial, antibiotic, antifungal and antiparasitic properties. These facts are supported scientifically and medically. Eucalyptus eliminates parasites, that in itself is a preventative measure for the health of our shared environment.


The benefits are environmental to local areas where eucalyptus is harvested. Removal of the branches from the forest floor of euc is a fire suppression method. Maintaining these stands can stop its invasion into native habitat. Just as our feathered friends and other domestic animals, this plant is a nonnative species to the United States. It is time we connect the two in a venue that will be of great benefit.


This is a new product available to the market. Seasoned eucalyptus is something our bird needs for health. Feel free to ask questions. I will answer them to the best of my ability. Please note that this material is collected from pristine coastal settings.


I have branches of various lengths for sale. Contact me at or PO Box 2712, Ft. Bragg, CA 95437 for comments or questions.


Melissa White