Elizabeth & Taylor are 8 & 6 years of age, respectively. Their owner had to place them when she had to relocate. This gorgeous pair of African Ringnecks is not yet available for adoption. They are a breeding pair and have been successful at raising several clutches. A nest box has been set up, since this is their season to start having their clutches.

Update 09-16-01
These birds were recently adopted by a woman who had originally requested ringnecks and I was so happy when they became available. Nancy lives in Texas, but had come to NY to assist her friend, Weldon, who has had a trained parrot act at Splish Splash Water Park for the past 10 years. The ringnecks spent the summer in the company of Weldon's 3 macaws and a cockatoo. Nancy has a few birds of her own and is so happy to have this pair added to her flock.

Elizabeth & Taylor

African Ringnecks