Angie & Claude

Angie, a nanday conure, and Claude, an Indian ringneck entered the Parrot Haven when their elderly owners were no longer able to care for them. Rey drove into the city to pick up the birds. Angie is a very sweet and loving bird. Quiet for a conure. Spends hours hanging out on my shoulder as I type at the computer. Doesn't nip at all. Angie was quickly adopted by Jessica, a teenager. Angie will remain in Parrot Haven until construction is finished at Jessica's home since inhaling the sheetrock dust would prove harmful to the delicate lungs of such a tiny creature. Claude was adopted immediately, but will be returning to Parrot Haven. His owners hadn't taken him out of the cage for almost 5 years and he is extremely shy. His new "Mom" can only have one bird and wanted a more handable bird. Not that Claude bites a lot, but he hides in the corner of the cage and is very skittish. Not hand trained at all. If someone is willing to accept Claude, for the shy butterfly that he is, than this is the bird for you. Claude loves being caressed while wrapped in the security of a towel.